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Toothache Remedies

Toothache Remedies

Toothache Remedies

Toothache hits us all hard at least once in our lives. It not only torments us with constant, unbearable pain, it also effectively immobilizes us. Day to day tasks become nigh-on impossible due to having one hand stuck to the side of your face as if by super glue and a pain that never seems to relent. Eventually pushing you in to dental submission.

Step away from the pliers. I'm here to help.

Last year I was spending the festive season with my in-laws. I was having a great time, and then it struck. The mother of all toothaches. The whole left side of my face was in total agony. I vowed that as soon as I could I was going to go on a quest for the best information I could find about toothache remedies and put it all in one place for anyone out there suffering this cruel torment. A holy grail for those whose toothaches are also driving them close to madness.

The following will show you the best remedies out there. It will give you all you need and will do so all in one place. It will show you how best to deal with the agony we call toothache, and how to keep it at bay.

I will start with some well-known remedies and finish with a bang. I will tell you a little secret. The ultimate toothache remedy. I was personally told about this when I was putting out the feelers to make this blog. I searched dental forums for a few guinea pigs and the results were astonishing. All I ask is you don't go around telling everyone. Some gems are best left -sort of- hidden.


#10 Corsodyl

Corsodyl is a true bottled miracle. It's effectiveness is outstanding on almost every level, and I highly recommend it. It targets the gums killing any abscesses/ulcers. As their saying goes "For those whose gums bleed after brushing". It is sadly not an immediate relief, but it will work to cure your toothache rather than temporarily ease it.

Corsodyl is available from your local pharmacy, or at their site: Corsodyl Website

#9 Salt Water

Salt is one of Lady Nature's little gems. Swishing salt water around your mouth will not only cleanse the gums surrounding your effected tooth. It will also work to draw out any of the fluids that cause the swelling that gives you the toothache in the first place. Very cheap and most homes have this in the kitchen.

Fully dissolve 1 tbsp of salt in a small glass of warm water.

#8 Alcohol

My favorite for obvious reasons. Sadly, lager does not do much to help your toothache. Here, we need to use a spirit. Fully soak a cotton bud in alcohol for around 15 seconds and press it between your lip and the area of pain. A great toothache remedy. Follow with a large shot as there's no point wasting good alcohol

#7 Chewing Gum

Don't chew it. If the reason behind your toothache is a broken filling or cavity fill then just pack it with a piece of chewing gum. This will ease your pain as it will stop air and dirt getting in to it.

#6 Salt and Pepper

And a garnish of coriander. No, I don't want you to season your gnashers. Simply add salt and pepper to a tiny amount of water to make a paste. Rub this on to your gums around the effected area and wait for it to work it's magic. Tastes disgusting, but hey, it's worth it, right? This works as both salt and pepper contain detoxifying elements.

#5 Onions

This my be starting to sound a little like a cookery blog rather than one for toothache remedies, but bear with me. Onions have great antiseptic qualities. Just chew on a small piece of the raw vegetable. If your tooth is too sore to chew -it probably is- just place it on the effected area.

#4 Clove Oil

This should seriously be renamed to 'The Devil's Tears'. It is horrible stuff and I am pretty sure it's also caustic. This works by burning the buggery out of your gums until you are incapable of feeling absolutely anything. Make sure you wash your hands after use, and be careful.

#3 Ice Cubes

Normally at hand and a great toothache remedy. Simply wrap a cube in a small piece of thin material and hold to your cheek near the effected area. The ice will numb the nerve endings in your tooth offering fast relief.

#2 Garlic

Yet another kitchen remedy. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, and this should always be at least tried. Simply crush some garlic and add some salt and pepper (no harm implementing method #6 in here too). Rub it all around the inside of your mouth close to your toothache.

#1 My Hidden Gem. The ULTIMATE cure.

This comes as a PDF guide giving you the ultimate toothache remedy. It will show you, in a step-by-step format how to get rid of your toothache once and for all (it will be gone within the next 20 minutes and will never return). This does not involve going to the doctor to get your tooth out or any other such scammery. I am sure you will be more than impressed, and a little surprised at it's simplicity.

So, that concludes my blog. Please feel free to comment below with what you thought about my guide. Feedback would be awesome. Enjoy your new found toothache remedies, and feel free to tell my ultimate one to a select few only :).